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Photo by John C. Adams


Photo by John C. Adams

Mountain Creek Stories

For Daydreaming, Relaxation, & Deep Sleep

Mountain Creek Stories are inspired by high mountain streams where the air is clean, the water is clear, and the world is quiet. For dreamers and wanderers or anyone who's ever longed for the open road or the vast expanse of the west, these soothing stories are for you. We'll reconnect to nature's splendor and invoke that pleasant longing that leads to your next road trip, trail ride, or outdoor adventure. So close your eyes and listen to a story to sooth your anxious mind, ramble through a daydream, or find deep, restful sleep. 



CaldwelL Warwick

I grew up spending summers with my dad on a horse ranch in Central Oregon. This high desert country lies just east of the Cascade Mountains where the ponderosa pines begin to mix with juniper and sagebrush. Deer are so bountiful here, our small herd of horses seemed to double each evening when the deer joined them for a drink in the pond.


As a child, I would saddle up and ride for miles each day, exploring the trail from our ranch down to Squaw Creek Canyon. These untamed adventures taught me to pay attention to the details of the landscape so I could find my way back. Of course, I was always told to rest assured that horses always know their way home.


Years of city living has lead me to a deeper longing of these freedoms than ever before. The daydreams that bring me the most ease are those of the cross county road trips and long distance trail rides, mountain views, and creekside campfires. More than ever before our human race craves a rekindling of our wildness and a reconnection to the splendor of nature. I hope to offer you these joys through storytelling - an age old cowfolk tradition, best enjoyed after a hard day's work.